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Technologies Placement Paper Adina Institute Of Eng M.P.22 May 2012 by Consagous

Details of Technologies Placement Paper Adina Institute Of Eng M.P.22 May 2012 by Consagous conducted by Consagous for job interview.
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Consagous technology the recruitment process of Consagous technology had three rounds:
1. Written Test
2. GD
3. Technical interview/HR
Consagous written test
1. The first round was written test. The Paper was made up from two parts technical and aptitude. It had total of 40 questions out of which 30 questions were technical and 10 questions were aptitude.
Those questions are:

Consagous technical written test questions and answers

i. Prototyping of a function means
a. call
b. Declaration
c. parameter passing

2. What command in UNIX to go on background

3 What is the output of following code:

class Mylist
public static void main(String args[])
int a=args[1];
int b=args[2];
int c=args[3];
System.out.println("Ram is "+c);

Output should be Ram is 2 then
a. java 222
b. java 0231
c. java 0232
d. java 021

4. What is the output of following code:
class Myform
public static void main(String args[])
int a=5;
if(3>6 && a==5)
a. Compiler error
b. true
c. false

5 Waht is importance of generic function in .NET?

Consagous Aptitude written test

1. If a clock exactly show the 8 O,clock in the morning. What is the angle between the hour hand when the clock exactly show 2 O,clock at noon.
a. 90
b. 120
c. 180
d. 240

ii. Question based on up stream and down stream.

iii. Question based on time distance.

iv. Question based on percentage.

v. Question based on probability.

We are only 21 students qualified in the first round.

2 Consagous group discussion

Second Round was GD. We got the topic "Spirituality and Technology". The group had 21 students. After the discussion each student was given a chance to expresshis/ her view on the topic.
The discussion was going up to 20 minutes.

3. consagous Technical and HR round
Third Round was HR and Techanical Interview
Q1. Tell me about yourself.
Q2. What are the access level in Database?
Q3. What is the difference between scriptlets and servlet?
Q4. What is the compiler of java?
Q5. Why java is a platform independent language?
Q6. What is 5 strength points and 5 weekness points?
Q7. What is your long term goal?
Q8. If I will give you another language to work rather than java so, Do you agree?
Q9. What about your father?
Q10. How you able to pay the fee of college?