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CTS Interview Question by COGNIZENT

Details of CTS Interview Question by COGNIZENT conducted by COGNIZENT for job interview.
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My interview lasted about 1 hour.they gave me a yellow that form they asked about my skill set.I mentioned "C,C++,OS,Datastructures,Computernetworks".one cool guy interviewed me.He asked questions in all main subjects.but he asked only basics in all subjects.the questions are


Basic datatypes,how many bytes for each datatype

bytes for various datatypes in Ansi C,boroland C.

Diff between Calloc and malloc.

diff between structures and union.

call by value,call by reference

Gave some code snippets in pointers and asked outputs.

gave one code snippet and asked to optimize it.


OOPS concepts

Inheritence concepts.

Access specifiers particularly about Protected access specifier

friend functions.

about constructors

virtual constructor.

can we have more than one constructor.

how can we call diff constructors.

About destructors

memory leaking.


what is OS?

memory mangement concepts.

Virtual memory concpets.

in virtual memory paging concepts.

Mutual exclusion concept.

Semaphore concepts

Data structures

What is linear & non-linear data structures.

Asked about linked list basics(no programs)

About stacks and queues.

various sorting algorithms

asked to explain quick sort with an example.

asked to explain binary search algorithm with example.

Software engineering

various process models.

asked to explain the waterflow model

various testing methods.

Computer networks

OSI layer.

Asked about presentation layer

various topologies.

asked to explain about the ring topology

asked about the hardware address.



difference b/w DBMS and RDBMS

asked about the keys

particular about the foreign key.

asked an example for Where and having clause query.


tell about CTS

I am ME why you studied ME

are you ready to work in mainframe

Are you willing to relaocate.