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Test Pattern And Placement Paper by Cognizant

Details of Test Pattern And Placement Paper by Cognizant conducted by Cognizant for job interview.
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Cognizant written test 3 October Hyderabad.

It was a paper based test and it contains total 55 questions and the time is 50 min. No negative marking. It contains

Part 1(Analytical) 30 questions:

  * A table with data is given and questions will be asked on that (Bit difficult)
* Syllogisms (1st only one conclusion is given and to statements are given choose the statement). * Completing the figures, next figure in the series.
* Some puzzles.
* Data sufficiency questions.
* Coding and decoding.
* Finding conclusion for a statement.

Part 2(Verbal) 25 questions:   * Two passages and 10 to 12 questions from it.

* Finding the correct and incorrect sentences.
* Finding the incorrect part in a sentence.

Time management is very crucial. In verbal 1st passage is easy, try it 1st and then go to 2nd. Figures in analytical are very very easy. First do analytical and then verbal.

Luckily I cleared the written test, and 3rd of November, I have attended for interview at Auriga auditorium, Hyderabad. Coming to the interview process there are two rounds.

1. Technical round

2. HR Round