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Placement Paper CTIEMT Shahpur 17 January 2012 by CMC

Details of Placement Paper CTIEMT Shahpur 17 January 2012 by CMC conducted by CMC for job interview.
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Firstly we had pre-placement talk , who told us about their company , vision and perspective.

Than we had out Written Aptitude Test.

It consisted of 50 Questions (time I forgot but I completed ahead of time so for me it was good plus No-Negative marking).

First 10 were of veryyyyy simple arithmetic ( you dont even need any sort of preparation even)

Than next 5 were of C Language, like:

Where one must be known to the ASCII codes of A to Z and a to z to solve

One must be aware of loops .

Removal of bugs.

Find Output

Next 10 were of Operating System, Computer Architecture and Microprocessor.

Then there was a comprehension, very basic!! I was wondering how it could be so basic.

It was quiet scoring consists 10 parts in it.

There was another question of Jumble words, have three parts in it, like what will be the 1st sentence, 4th and 5th.

There was synonym and antonym too( 5-5 question each)

Few were tricky question , but not more than 2-3

Had the test just now, I JUST HOPE I clear this aptitude test but the thing is CMC is core technical, they have separate technical written test too, than technical interview and HR Interview of course. Hope this can help u a bit in getting prepared, the format was different than previous years, when I was preparing I decided I will definitely write about my experience so that 2012 Batch mates will be little more clear.