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Placement Procedure, Papers And Careers At by Citrix

Details of Placement Procedure, Papers And Careers At by Citrix conducted by Citrix for job interview.

Citrix Systems, Inc. is an American multinational software company that provides server, application and desktop virtualization, networking, software as a service (SaaS), and cloud computing technologies.

Citrix (NASDAQ:CTXS) aims to power a world where people, organizations and things are securely connected and accessible to make the extraordinary possible. Its technology makes the world’s apps and data secure and easy to access, empowering people to work anywhere and at any time. Citrix provides a complete and integrated portfolio of Workspace-as-a-Service, application delivery, virtualization, mobility, network delivery and file sharing solutions that enables IT to ensure critical systems are securely available to users via the cloud or on-premise and across any device or platform. With annual revenue in 2015 of $3.28 billion, Citrix solutions are in use by more than 400,000 organizations and over 100 million users globally. 

Below is the pattern of placement at Citrix :

1. Written Test : This test consists of two parts, aptitude and mechanical. Time allowed for each section is 60 Minutes. Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:

First Test=> C, OS, Networks and some quantitative questions.
Second Test=> It was the programming test. Three problems are given and you have to write C code for that.

2. Personal Interview (Technical) : They will ask you some technical questions such as :

First Round => C pointers, DS(sorting), OS virtual memory, OSI layers, Protocols, write C code for problems given.
Second Round => Writing C code for given problem and some networking questions

3. Personal Interview (HR) : They will ask you basic questions which are as follows :

1)Tell me about you.
2)Have you been to Bangalore?
3)What do you know about Bangalore?
4)Have you heard of Citrix before?
5)Which profile(development or testing) do you prefer?
6)Any questions?

Selection procedure is quite different compared to other companies. They do not care much about CGPA. Each round is an elimination round. 

For this company, focus mainly on C, Networks and OS. Prepare well for the interviews . All the best.