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Placement Paper Bangalore Marathahalli Office 20 January 2012 by Cisco

Details of Placement Paper Bangalore Marathahalli Office 20 January 2012 by Cisco conducted by Cisco for job interview.
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Cisco Placement Paper Pattern :

The question paper is basically an objective type paper consisting of 50 questions out of which 20 were aptitude and 30 were technical and from the aptitude section just concentrate on the following ( just these 3 lessons nothing else )

1)Probability in depth

2)Permutations And combinations cat level

3)Sets and relations

1)A bag contains 4 red and 5 green balls find the probability of selecting 2 balls of the same color

2)Something related on sets and functions (please go through sets and functions it is very very important)

3)3 ants are sitting at 3 corners of an equilateral triangle they start to move in random directions whats the probability that they wont collide with each other ??


Cisco Technical and HR Questions asked in Cisco office Banglore

1)Go through 8085 THROUGHLY

They will ask questions like find the machine cycles and all

2)3 simple networking questions like fragmentation depends on what factor (ans :Maximun Transferrable Unit)

3)3 simple C questions

4)2 or 3 questions on flipflops like they have given u the delay of one flip flop find the delay of 6 flipflops like that

5)2 or 3 questions on fundamentals like demorgan,s theorem

6)one question on PCM

So ill briefly summarize the written pattern

Aptitude : Study only permutations , probability and sets

Technical :8085 based 10 questions , and simple logic design and networking questions