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Placement Paper Latest 16 May 2012 by CDAC

Details of Placement Paper Latest 16 May 2012 by CDAC conducted by CDAC for job interview.
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C-DAC Latest Placement papers Technical Questions

Technical Interview Questions CDAC Placements

Design and Gate using Mux?

Explain about Linking (Dynamic & Static)?

Write a function to insert a node in the linked list for the given position ?

What are the methods to find out the stability of a system?

How to find the stability of the system using Poles?

Where should we use processes & where to use thread?

What are the disadvantages of using array?

Explain the advantages of threads over processes?

CDAC Microprocessor Questions

what is virtual in C

Expain your project

What is volatile

What is near and for pointer

Difference between array and linked list

what happened when a function is called

Different type of segment in 8086

What is ISR

What is IVT ? and rectored interrupt

Explain rectered interrupt how it work?