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Whole Testpaper - Repository Number 3 by Caritor

Details of Whole Testpaper - Repository Number 3 by Caritor conducted by Caritor for job interview.
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Totally 205 wrote the exam

60 people cleared the aptitude

53 cleared the G.D

30 cleared in technical

27 cleared the h.r




2.Group discussion

3.Technical interview




No negative markings

Der is sectional cut-off

Choice wer given for all

Do not watse much time in maths jus go at random to find easy questions



Along with the the answer sheet we were asked write passage jus 10 lines we were given time separately

U r valuable lesson in life- (gone thru by both the h.r)


In aptitude der were three sections

a.mathametical (from r.s agarwal)


3.logical reasoning



maths der wer 15 questions each carry 4 mark

questions wer like train problem,age problem, profit and loss,ratio and propotion,mixture problems,then

a question lik der wer cow,cockroach,rat total no. of legs wer 150,no.of heads=50

find the total no. of rat and cow.



Verbal was really easy 15 questions

No synonyms and antonyms

Jus fill in the blanks wit appropiate word from the choice



LOGICAL 20 questions

Problem wer like the one in rs.agarwal verbal and non-verbal reasoning


 Bloodrelation,giving set of statement 2 find the person sitting at a place,

Given a set of statement lik this person works on this day(a works on mon and tue..)

Wen does b work?

For logical work out verbal and non verbal reasoning book


2. Goup discussion


60 wer divided into 5 groups

12 members in 1 group

topic given to us was

1.Is reservation in educational institution nessary?

Some other topics given In other batch was

2.Cricket is it nessay ?

3.Mobile phone in colleges shld be allowed or not


3.Technical interview

questions asked 2 me wer

Tell me abt u r self

I mentioned abt a project done in dbms he asked me questions from that

Then asked abt primary key,foreign key,unique

Normalization and its types

Types of linked list

Asked me 2 draw double linked list and how 2 reverse it


Structure and union,their differences

Data abstraction,inheritence




Tell me abt u r self

Absked me abt father and mother

Why caritor?

R u confident that u will get placed

Any questions?