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Whole Testpaper - Repository Number 1 by Caritor

Details of Whole Testpaper - Repository Number 1 by Caritor conducted by Caritor for job interview.
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Hi friends, This is Anirban,3rd yr student of Biotechnology from HALDIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY,HALDIA, West Bengal.we recently had a pool campus on 28th june in ITME for CARITOR/KEANE(CARITOR has acquired KEANE).the test consisted of 4 parts-

1)APTITUDE-3 sections(cut off 40% for each section)total time 1hr
a>general mathematics- 15 questions -  questions where from time and distance,time and work,probability,permutations and combinations,average..probability sums were a bit tough but the rest were easy.

b>general english-very easy..10 questions

c>logic-guys plz practise from RS AGARWAL-VERBAL AND NON VERBAL.i cant remember all the questions...but there were questions from family relations,in a round table from 6-7 statements u have to find out who sat beside whom, who among 4-5 persons was liar from the statements given..the rest i did with my eyes closed..cant remember-10 questions.

BEWARE---Guys take extra caution while cheating..CARITOR had their own people..u would be in a sorry state if u get caught.

we also had to write an essay on Ethics and Values(10 mins).then there was a short ppt..results were announced after 1 hr..

2)selected candidates have to go through topic was is GD necessary in campus interview!!!.just say something sensible in GD.dont shout!!!.some other GD topics which i can remember are PRESIDENTS PROFILE,CHINA a Threat To INDIA,CRICKET nd MEDIA,IT in INDIA..etc

3)selected candidates were then sent to i am non-IT,thre interviewer didnt ask me much from C nd other stuffs(take a look at the easy programmes-like even number,swapping of two numbers, greatest among a list of numbers,prime no,fibonacci series,string reversal). he asked me  more about my departmental subjects.. i answered them correctly and then i was sent to HR.