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Placement Paper TICT-Rajarhat Kolkata 09 January 2011 by Capgemini

Details of Placement Paper TICT-Rajarhat Kolkata 09 January 2011 by Capgemini conducted by Capgemini for job interview.
Well Guys who are surfing through this page keep it in mind "you need to be consistently consistent to be in 10 % every steps of the interview are important so preparation should not be partial.

Venue details: TICT, Rajarhat (pull campus recruitment for TI group colleges)
Criteria: Overall 60% throughout.
Reporting time: 8.30 am.

Total selection process divided in three sections:

1. ppt (keep all words in mind, you have to copy some words from here for future pasting)

2. Aptitude test (written) subdivided in 3 parts:
a) Verbal: [a paragraph was there on the topic of advantages and disadvantages of ad-agencies. Four questions were from there. Then some ,fill in the blanks using some words,. Time was short. After 20 mins they provided next paper:
b) Analytical reasoning: [little bit tough, 15 marks almost]
c) Quantitative analysis: [easy but time consuming, be tactful]

If your target is to solve the whole paper then your speed would be 1 question/1 minute. So limit your target before starting to solve, otherwise system may hang. Anyways no negative marking, so chill but not relax. Almost 500 students appeared in there 116 were selected for GD.

After sometimes they decided not to take GD so they sent us to different panels. I was in 2nd panel.
PI: I was no. 3rd in my panel.
Sir: Well send the guy in.

Me: May I come in Sir.
Sir: Okay, take seat

Me: Good Afternoon Sir.
Sir: Your CV? give me.

Me: I was about to give that, yes.
Sir: Well debadyuti tell something about yourself

Me: Told
Sir: You like table tennis that,s good. I told at in my hobbies and your family?

Me: Told
Sir: What was your rank in joint entrance?

Me: 6506 Sir
Sir: There is degradation here. Whats the reason you think?

Me: I tried with my level best. But things did not work out what can I do?
Sir: You have any brother?

Me: No Sir I,m single.
Sir: Thats why you seem tempered.

Me: I just smiled.
Sir: Any problem with rellocation?

Me: I don,t have any problem, i am free to work in anywhere.
Sir: Well you are flexible then!

Me: Yes
Sir: Your goal?

Me: Success which will not come in one day. Right now my motto is to get in this industry where there are enough opportunities and want to get success with this industry.
Sir: (smiled) this industry?

Me: Obviously Sir.
Sir: Okay one problem is there just look at here (there was a page written "peter"). you have to do just opposite (ulta)

Me: (smiled) do you mean swaping, I have to reverse that string na?
Sir: Yes do

Me: This can be done in two ways: first using strrev() another using array pointer which one two say? [in the meantime I wrote the 1st procedure]
Sir: No no no using array pointer?

Me: Okey told confidently wrong 1st time [you have to take one for loop, you have to declare two pointer every consecutive character, and then swap and check. Process will go on till the loop ends].
Sir: Okay I,m giving you a clue, set pointer in the last character; just say the algorithm.

Me: I just figured it out. Well in for loop swap 1st and last character (p,r) then pointer at 1st place will be incremented and in last place will be decremented till the middle comes. (he just made me stop)
Sir: Well you have done.

Me: (I stunned) done?
Sir: Yes thank you.

Me: Thank you.

We were sent then room number 501. We waited till 8.45 pm. Then finally they called us in seminar room. And announced finally 46 candidates from TIG got selected. 1 was among them. It was the best experience.
5 students got job from BIT among 55 appeared. 11 students selected for interview from BIT. I was lucky 1 in ECE.

Don,t be frustrated if you had done too well and suppose interviewer appriciated you telling you nice guy and then finally you got dumped. In the case of TCS I was asked about 50 questions from 8 subjects, I did almost well. But I was not among 127 guys in my college, 1200 guys from TIG.

I was waiting for another opportunity and preparing myself each day consistently. I have cracked and now it,s time for you for preparation:

1] Use R.S Aggarwal [quantitative & verbal}, read a good english news paper everyday [for me Times of India]
2] Check all the previous year papers of the appearing company [check,this site is
very helpful]

3] For guys in ECE get good concept in communication networking, digital electronics (logic gates & f/f), microprocessors (including some basic ALP) for guys in CS & IT data structures, Java and Oracle are just like basic need. So be prepare then cheer.

4] Prepare your project well. Divide it in following phrases:

a) Requirement gathering.
b) Planning and analysis.
c) Project development.
d) Testing and fault analysis.
e) Implementation and deployed.