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Whole Testpaper - Complete Explanations 2 by BHEL

Details of Whole Testpaper - Complete Explanations 2 by BHEL conducted by BHEL for job interview.
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Hi friends , I am Sai Krishna  Taloju , attended for BHEL exam on 11 Nov in Delhi  and selected for interview . I want share the pattern of the paper so that it will be useful  to all .The paper consists 240 Questions in which 120 technical &120Aptitude &General English  with negative marking 1/5mark  In Technical the questions are asked on very basics , 30 questions are mechanical related 10 questions are from  Power Systems  by CL WADHAWA  directly ,20 - 25 from Objective question bank by Galgotia publishers All the questions are basically from Power systems , Machines, contrrol systems , some  questions are from micro processors, power electronoics. few  from measurements  In Aptitude the questions are asked very simple finding errors 10 marksantonyms       10 marksSynonyms      10 markspassages        10 marks30 marks    as follows table consist of X , Y statements  make the relation b/n X ,Y such that  X=Y, X>Y, X  THE ONLY THING U HAVE TO REMEMBER IS THAT TIME IS 150Mins TO SOLVE 240 QUESTIONS. Thank you to FRESHERS WORLD to give this oppurtinuities to share this discussion