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Nevada Test Pattern by Bently

Details of Nevada Test Pattern by Bently conducted by Bently for job interview.
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Bently Nevada   Test Pattern

Section 1. reasoning( 20 questions):
 in this section general reasoning questions, english synonyms, small puzzles, questions were not having options. you have to write the answer directly.

Section 2. general computer skills(20 questions)
this included questions on bitwise operator, leftshift-right shift operators, fundamentals of electronics, flip-flops, logic gates, counters, some c question, and other areas like number system. questions were with and without option both.

Section3. subjective questions (10 question)
make binary search tree with prefix-postfix string given.
c++ programs (a)either to complete the program(b) find the output(c) find the error in code. special emphasis on function overloading and constructor concepts.
almost all questions were from ,test your c++ skills,.