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Placement Papers And Recruitment Process by Bank Of Maharashtra

Details of Placement Papers And Recruitment Process by Bank Of Maharashtra conducted by Bank Of Maharashtra for job interview.
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About the Recruitment Process:

1. Listening skills - This is pretty easy. Short and simple conversations will be played and there will be questions based on that. Something very similar to the questions in TOEFL cassettes.

2. Communication Skills - They basically test ur comm skills. U should be able to talk with grammatically correct sentences with a bit fluency. Be confident while u talk. Dont show that u r nervous even if u r. A pleasant behaviour will help u better. Be slow, but correct.
The general Questions are:
Tell something about urself.
Take some topic and talk on it - not technical - choose an issue in which u have opinions and feel comfortable talking about.
What do u think and expect from the company.
Why call center?
etc etc
This is a very important round. Only after this does ur technical knowledge count.

3. Technical Round - Basic knowlegde on hardware and networking. Just make them feel that u have around 40% hardware knowledge and u know something about troubleshooting. Tell them all u know about a particular device like a modem or printer.
Make them feel that u have navigated through the system extensively.

4. HR Round - Its testing ur communication skill, ur attitude, ur background etc. Be fluent and cool.

And they would give u the offer letter the same day if selected.

The place is Opposite to the Ssanthom Church. Its a big building with excellent interiors and great people. The posting might either be at Santhom or Tidel Park.




There are three rounds of selection procedure.

1. Listening Skills: In this part, a conversation between two
persons will be played in a cassette player and a question paper
containing questions relevant to the conversation will be asked.
Don,t worry about it, there will be a pause to answer each
question after each conversation and the conversation is not a
lengthy one. The reason for my failure is that I didn,t
concentrate to the conversation when it was played rather I was
the reading the questions. So, I was trying to the answer the
previous question when the next conversation was going on. So if
u are going to attend the test dont do whatever I have stated
above. Jusy listen cooly and answer without frustration.

2.Communication Skills: In this part, u have to meet the HR
person and he will test ur communication skills. For girls, they
usually ask only two question:

i. Tell about yourself

ii. Tell about your family background

In this section, American accent, vocabulary resource, grammar
are considered mainly. So before going there find out some hi-fi
words in dictionary so that u can impress the person.

Guys will be asked few more questions apart from those listed
above in this section:

i. The candidate will be asked to tell something about his pen
and a time of 30 seconds will be given for that.

ii Or the candidate will be asked to sell a pen to the HR person
thinking him as a customer.

3. Technical Skills: In this part, u will be asked questions
regarding operating system(Windows), Hardware( simple questions),
networking, etc.

Questions regarding os will be like:

i How to install a modem and its driver in windows

ii How to connect to the internet

iii How to view device manager, task manager, control panel and
its contents

U would be knowing everything if u were given a system but the
thing is, u have to answer the steps involved in viewing these
windows. For instance, if u were asked how to change screen
saver; u have to answer in the way that it should be understandable
to one who uses a system for the first time i.e. u should say,
goto desktop and right click ur mouse then click on
properties.....(like this). Is it ok, clear!

Few other questions are expansion of USB, LPT, COM,etc; how many
devices can be connected to a USB port in a system and how many
hard disks can be connected to a system,etc.

If u are selected in the 3 rounds, u will be asked to join the
next day and appointment order can be got on the same day itself
i.e if u selected u can come home with ur appointment order in
the evening itself.