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Placement Papers And Candidate Experience 2008 by Bajaj

Details of Placement Papers And Candidate Experience 2008 by Bajaj conducted by Bajaj for job interview.
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Overall pattern: ---------------

jumbled-10 analogy-7 odd man out-8 english alphabets pattern-5 c-5 microprocessor-3 fill in series - some

Some of the question i can get r

1.What is the bit?

2.One that connects different networks? a) Routers b)bridges c) Gateways d)Repeaters

3.type of main to accept command line argument?

4.print syntax :

5.Not a primitive datastructure.

6.Tree to heap conversion

7.CHAIR is decoded as EGCHT. then TABLE is decoded as .............


9.Odd man out: handle,cycle,chain,break


11.Medium resolution coordinates (0,0) to (199,...)

12.words in barrons odd man out a lot.


Wipro Systems. --------------

Q1) john weighe twice as much as Marcia. Marcia,s weight is 60% of Bob,s weight.Dave weighs 50% of Lee,s weighs 190% of John,s wight. Which of these 5 persons wighs the least?

A) Bob B) Dave C) John D) Lee E) Marcia

Ans) E

Q2) A trip takes 6 hours to compleate. After traveling 1/4 of an hour, 1 3/8hours, and 2 1/3 hours, howmuch time does need to compleate the trip?

A) 2 1/12hours b) 2hours, 2 1/2 minutes c) 2 hours,5minutes d) 2 1/8 hours


Q3) It takes 30 days to fill a laboratory dish with bacteria. If the size ofthe bactiria doubles each day, how long did it take

for the bactiria to fill one half of dish?

Ans) D ( 29days)

q4) A car wash can wash 8 cars in 18 minutes, At this rate, how many cars can the car wash wash in 3 hours?

ANS) C ( 80)

Q5) If the ratio of the areas of 2 queres is 2:1, then the ratio of the perimeters of the squares is

ANS) C ( sqrt(2):1 )

Q6) There are three types of tickets available for a concert: orchestra , which cost $12 each; balcony, which cost$9 each: and box, which cost $25 each. There were P orchestra tickets , B balcony tickets, and R box tickets sold for the concert. Which of the following expressions gives the percentage of ticket proceeds due to the sale of orchestra tickets?

Ans) B 100*12P/(12P+9B+25R) Q7). In a survey of town of Wasco, it was found that 65% of the people surveyed watched the news on television, 40% read newspaper, and 25% read a newspaper and watched the news on television. What percent of the people surveyed neither watched the news on the television nor read a newspaper?. Ans: (E)20%

Q8). City B is 5 miles east of City A. City C is 10 miles southeast of City B. Which of the following is the closest to the distance from City A to City C? Ans: (D) 14 miles

Q9). If the area of a square increases by 69%, then the side of the square increased by Ans: (B) 30%

Q10). There are 30 socks in a drawer. 60% of the socks are red and the rest are blue. What is the minimum number of socks that must be taken from the drawer without looking in order to be certain that atleast two blue socks have been chosen? Ans: (E) 20

----------------------------------------------------------------- 1) problem on stock, face value, brokerage 4 questions see RS Agrawal, edition 1998, 454page, tabulation(ex 5) loan disbusrense by 5 banks 6 questions are intermixed.

2) Averages-7( 124page of RS AGrawal) problem on example 3 problem on age

3) page-291- 16th, simple interest-2.5%

4) problem on calculation of cost price, given market price discount on ANS) 270 5) frequency of the letter in give strings --------------------------------------------

reasoning: ----------

1) problem on series non verbel series around -12 questions 2) problem on direction test 3) problem on logical venn diagrams - 10 questions refer test of reasonong Agrawal page 239 4) blood relations problem ans) Nephew

5) analogy

bouquet: flower :: chain: link--ans

The first section has 15 questions and 15 answer them.they are very simple. just have a look at the topics mentioned. don,t bank on the answers provided.check them out for yourself. 1.a+b/c*d what will be its postfix notation? 2. what will be the prefix notation of the above __expression? 3. to represent hexadecimal number in binary how many digit are required? ans : 4 4.decimal to octal conversertion? 5.unix is written in which language? 6.which generation of computer used LSI? 7.TCP/IP has how many layers? ans : 5 8and9 simple programs on c language? 10 which name is associated with punched cards? ans: herman hollerith 11 which program converts mnenomics into machine language? ans : assembler 12 what are the uses of the registers of the computer used for? 13 one question from database. 14 which has a compiler ? ans:cobol 15 what is the size of an integer type data?one option was .depends on compiler. 16.area where program can be rewritten. ans-Eprom. 17.program which can be read &written. ans-prom. does the user communicates with the kernel. ans-API. 19.Two ques. on binary to decimal. (1)5.125 ans-101.001. (2)17625 20.question on QUICK SORT 21.Best sorting is same as worst sorting (Ans: HEAP SORT) 22.Last 8 bits are used for subnet masking for which classes Ans:CLASS A,B,C 23.What is the tool which connects user and computer - ANS: INTERPRETER 24.Question on access time and recovery time 25. Question on call by value,call by reference, call by lvalue and rvalue 26. Question on Binary tree 27) Which of the following languages needs compiler a. """This option i don,t remember:) :)""" b. LISP c. COBOL d. ORACLE Ans. ORACLE 28) which of the following has the direct connection with the operating system? Ans. Process Scheduler 29) Which of the following connects LANS with same protocol? Ans. BRIDGES 30) Octal equivalent of (176) base 10 is Ans. 260 31) Dialouges Sharing is done in which layer of OSI? Ans. Session layer 32) Arithmatic and Logic calculations are done in which Register of the microprocessor? Ans. Accumulator 33)Give the output of the C program.. main() { int i=10,j; for(j=0;j