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Whole Testpaper - Document No. 2 by Aspire

Details of Whole Testpaper - Document No. 2 by Aspire conducted by Aspire for job interview.
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ASPIRE SYSTEMS PATTERN - OCT 2007 at CHENNAI In written testTotally 55 questions. There were 4 sectionsSection 1 Verbal(15 questions)english passage was given. Some questions were related to that passage.Those who have good communication skill can easily answer this section. Section 2 Logical(15 questions)A.  jobs                  Men                    Women         IT                 1,34,000                1,20,567      Engineer         2,45,984                1,45,000      Doctors             45,000                   24,000      ,,                        ,,                             ,,                   Unemployed   3,45,000                 4,89,000 Total                        .,,                               ,, 16. IF The percentage of women in IT increases by 10% per year. What will be percentage of women in IT after 3 years.17. What is the percentage of  women in IT?18.Another logical questions19. No apples are oranges. All bananas are Oranges.20.All pens are elephant, Some elephants are cat21. Some green are blue, No blue or white.22. 1, 3, 7, 9, 19, ?23. 1, 4, 27, 256, ?24 to 30 -> some diagrams were given, when have to find the next appropriate fig Section 3 Aptitude(15 questions)This section is little bit tough. go through R.S Agarwal 31. What will be the remainder if   91+92+93+94+................+99 is divided by 6?32. A trader buy a chair for rs.600 and sells it for rs. 765 at credit of 4 months. Reckoning  money worth 6%p.a., his gain is ?i don,t remeber further questions in apt Section 4 is Technical
10 questions in C (technical)

1. #define dprintf(expr) printf(#expr="%d",exp);

 main(){int x=7, y=3; dprintf(x/y);} 2. int i=-1,j=-1,k=0,l=2,m;    m=i++&&j++&&k++||l++;    printf("%d,%d,%d,%d,i,j,k,l,m); 3.struct s   {int x, float y}s1={24,45.0};   union u     { int x, float y} u1=(union u)s1;   printf("%d,%f,u1.x,u1.y); 4.#define var(a,b) (a*b)/(a-b)   main()    {            int a=20, b=10,c            c=var(a+4,b-2);            printf("%d",c)      } 5. char *g()      {                static char x[1000];                   return x;       }    main()        {               char *g1="string one";               strcpy(g(),g1);               g1=g();               strcpy(g1,"string two");               printf("%s",g());---->i don,t remeber that here g(), g1,prepare both        }6.         int k=5;         if(++k<5&&k++5...........); -->here there was a semicolon after if statement, So careful         printf("%d",k); 7. #define var(a,f,g,)    #define ...........    #define ..............    ,, ,,    ,, ,,    main()         {                   #if def cat                          printf("cat");                   #else                            printf("tiger");         }