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Aptitude - General by ASDC

Details of Aptitude - General by ASDC conducted by ASDC for job interview.

Sample Test Paper
Section A: Aptitude

0.03 of 0.05 is what 
a. 15%
b. .15%                                                                
c. 0.015%
d. 0.0015%

x<y,y<z and z>w which of the follwing is always true
 a. x<w
 b. y<w
 c. x>w
 d. y>w

12 men can do a job in 4 hours .in wat time the same job can be done by 15 men ( I did not do)
a. 3 hrs
b. 3 hrs 24 min
c. 2 hrs
d. 3 hrs 30 min

30 socks r there in a basket.60% are red and rest are blue. How many draws should be taken from the basket to make sure that u have 2 blue and 1 red
a. 2
b. 3
c. 14                                                                             
d. 20

When operator * is applied to a number the result is 10 subtracted from the twice of the original number ,so wat is *(*9)

A husband and wife has 6 sons and each has 5 children each, How many are there in the family altogether

3x-2y=8 so what is 4y-6x
 a. 16
 b. 16
 c. data not sufficient

From chennai to trichy it is 250 miles and from Chennai to pondicherry it is 120 miles.wat percentage of mile from Chennai to trichy is Chennai to pondi
a. 34
b. 20
c. 36

City B is 8 miles east of City A.City C is 6 miles north of City B. City D is 16 miles east of city C. City E is north of City D by 12 miles .what is the shortest distance from City A to City E

 An employer pays X,Y,Z a weekly wage of total 610. X gets 120% of Y, and X gets 80% of Z wat is the weekly wage of X   I think answer is 200.    

There are 50 employees of a company .21 were in training for both economics and science training.11 were in 2 different training programs .find how many of them do not attend any training programfew questions were given with some relationship like:
 1 head is to cap as finger is to

 In a certain code language RANGER was written as REGNAR .with the same code how is TABLE written Elbat(reverse the word)

In a certain code if READ is written as SEADR then how is SING written with that code SINGS

If kanchan is son of Sunils sons son then how is Sunil related to Kanchan- grandson

Find the odd one out
a. Caution
b. Tresspasers will b prosecuted
c. Only one way
d. Keep left

One more odd man out was asked few questions on profit and loss were asked


A sorting program is given .You need to print the output of every outer for loop.
  int n=8,I,j,k;
  int a[7]={44,55,42,12,6,94,67};                                      

The precedence of operators are given, you have to find the value  highest :+ followed by -,*,/  parentheses r given higher precedence to operators unary operator - is always written within parentheses  association is from right to left

Questions were given like L-Value R-Value
 a) z[I+2] 

Assume the following:
a. A tape drive can store 4096 bytes/millimeter
b. Forgot
c. A IRG is necessary and the length is 2 millimeter                            
Answer the following question:
For storing 20MB how many millimeters of tape is required
What is the storage capacity if the tape is 10000meters long
For a infinite storage how many IRGs are required in a tape that stores 1 GB of data.

The following program is to calculate the number of lines, number of words, number of characters from  file. You got to complete the C program (15 marks)

 # define IN 1
 # define OUT ------
            int nc=nw=nl= ------,state= ------.c;
                        ++ ----;                                                      
                        if (c= = \n)
                                    ++ ----;
                        if(c = = || c = = \n || c= =\t)
                                    state= ----;
                        elseif(state = ----)
                                    state= -----;
                                    ++ -----;