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Test Paper by AppLabs

Details of Test Paper by AppLabs conducted by AppLabs for job interview.

Hai ,
I am very happy to inform u all that I have got a job at AppLabs.

My written exam was on 18th & interviews were on 19th. 


Here r the details of the exam and interview pattern in AppLabs. I hope it will help U in future.


The written test was easy. 25 mins - 30 Qs ( 10 Verbal , 10 Quants, 10 Reasoning )

All were very easy ( no synonyms, antonyms) only to test our grammar.

Quants had probs on Ages, Proportions, Time & Work, Time & distance, numbers etc.

Reasoning took some time. Qs on relationships, letters etc.


5 rounds of Interviews :

1st : for testing communication skills ( General Qs )

2nd: technical Qs ( languages used in Projects ). Some Qs on project

3rd : technical Qs - by senior employees (tough one) In detail abt the projects. Lot of tough questions.

4th : HR + Some technical Qs ( by senior most persons ) i.e. top level persons.

He checked all of my certificates for 7 National level project presentations and prizes.

---------------- If v clear this, then v r selected. ----------------------

5th : HR ( just a formality).

Out of 3000 candidates, 200 were called for interview and 60 were the available seats.

So, I am quite lucky to get selected in my first job attempt. Most of the selected persons were experienced