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Procedure, Pattern And Sample Papers by Amcat

Details of Procedure, Pattern And Sample Papers by Amcat conducted by Amcat for job interview.

AMCAT or Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test is an employability assessment test to assess the aptitude, reasoning and technical skills of students and new graduates. AMCAT is a statistical assessment platform to provide the skill measurements for each student who takes up the test.

The AMCAT is a computer adaptive test which assesses basic aptitude (English, quantitative ability and logical) and personality from a job prospective. It also claims to perform advanced skill assessment for specific roles in industries - IT, Mechanical, Finance, Semi-Conductor, etc. The test is conducted in two modules - a compulsory module and an optional module. In the compulsory module, it claims to test aptitude and personality skills, which includes English comprehension, quantitative ability, reasoning and logical ability. In the optional module, it tests job skills as per the job prospective of different industries. Based on the AMCAT score, the companies which are in collaboration with AMCAT may hire employees.

Eligibility criteria for AMCAT

1. The students who have completed their MBA or the students who are in the final year of MBA are eligible to write AMCAT.
2. The Students who have completed Engineering in any Branch or the students who are in the final year of Engineering can write AMCAT.
3. The Students who have completed their Graduation or the students who are in the final year of their Graduation can write AMCAT.

Types of the companies which follow AMCAT Score Card :

· Banking Institutions.
· Financial Institutions.
· Automobile Companies.
· IT Companies.
· Telecommunication Companies.
· Corporate Companies.
· Hotels.
· IT Product Companies.
· & many other Companies.

The Duration of the exam will be held is 3 hours. The Question Paper consists of questions in the Objective type. There is no negative marking for this test. There are two modules for AMCAT. The two modules are as follows :
1. Compulsary module
2. Optional module

The compulsary module contains the questions on the following subjects :
1. English Comprehensive 
2. Quantitative Ability 
3. Logical Ability (Reasoning)

Each section carries 900 marks. Thus, the total marks carried by compulsary module is 900X3=2700 marks.

The optional module for AMCAT test is different for engineering, MBA and graduate students depending on their field. The optional module for AMCAT test is as follows :

1.Optional Modules For Engineering Candidates :
a) Computer Science Engineering & IT
b) Civil Engineering
c) Mechanical Engineering
d) Electronics & Communication Engineering
e) Electrical Engineering.

2. The Optional Modules for MBA Graduates :
a) HR(Human Resource)
b) Finance
c) Marketing
d) Operations
e) Basic Statistics,  etc…..,

3. The Optional Modules for Graduates :
a) Finance and Accounting    
b) Computer Programming
c) Biology
d) Pharma
e) Physics
f) Chemistry, etc…..,

The optional module also carries 900 marks. Thus, in total AMCAT test carries 3600 marks.