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Whole Testpaper by Agreeya

Details of Whole Testpaper by Agreeya conducted by Agreeya for job interview.
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Selection Procedure:

90mins Written Test Aptitude

60mins Written Test Technical (C/C++)

HR and Technical Interview at Agreeya Solutions


Q1 What is the probability to get tail, at least once when 6 coins are tossed simultaneously. 63/64.


Q2. Five frnds can sit in 120 ways, how many arrangements are possible if mohan has to sit in the middle.


Q3. One question related to Relationships..

One from Direction sense Test  (ans south.)


RTTI stands for.


How persistent objects are implemented in C++  (ans files)


Q int * const ptr

a) *ptr++ is legal


c) both r illegal

d) none


Q what concept is implemented in Cout and Cin? Ans Opertor overloading.


There were 4-5 more questions from probability.

Some questions from mensuration. Formulas were given.


In a right angled triangle, 2 sides were given of 3 and 5 cm, we were supposed to find out the area of the inner circle inscribed inside the triangle.


Q. Member Function can be

a) are always public

b) are always private

c) can be any one of them.


Q which condition is safest to use with any data type

a) if(x!=0)

b) if(x==0)

c)if(!x) ans



Q Can we perform addition operation on two pointers?


Q There was one question from time and work. A,B,C worked together, A can do the work in 12 days, B can do in 9 days. Profit earned was divided in the ratio 4:3:2. C can do the work in how many days? Figures might not be the same


Q List of nos were given.. n they were sorted in 4 iterations

11 21 55 65 41 31

11 21 55 65 31 41

11 21 55  65 31 41

11 21 31 41 55 65

A, Merge sort (ans)

B Selection sort

C insertion sort

D quick sort