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New Papers 5 - Whole Testpaper by Aditi

Details of New Papers 5 - Whole Testpaper by Aditi conducted by Aditi for job interview.
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SAMPLE TEST PAPER 1. 12 + 22 - 32 + 42 - 52 + 62 - ......  Using C prog. implement the above equation. You can,t use for loop. 2. Convert  infix to postfix using C. 3. What is life cycle model in soft engg. What are the difference between Waterfall Model and Spiral Model ? 4. What is the diffrence between do loop and do-while loop ? 5.What are the different CPU scheduling algorithms in OS ? 6. Define DDL and DML in DBMS. 7. they asked two puzzles which were very easy. 8. If you mentioned any subject in your CV then they will ask questions from them. 9. What is class, access specifiers in Java. 10. What is structure,array,diffrence between them etc.  in C.