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New Papers 4 - Aditi Paper by Aditi

Details of New Papers 4 - Aditi Paper by Aditi conducted by Aditi for job interview.
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HI..frndsI attended  ADITI on 15th June

N0. Of students app.=400+
No. of stu selected =5

Presentation session were interesting they gave T-shirts for those who told correct ans for their queries. There were two section in the written test

      1. Analyical+Non-verbal
Mostly  realtions in non-verbal  quantitative were so easy first concentrate on that

      2. Technical for me it was from C/C++(pointers ,oops concepts ,program outputs)
Results were announced in 30 min

      First they wil conduct apiti for all and those shortlisted wil go into technical apitiResults were announced in 30minI was shortlisted.for next round they separated us in batches. There were 5 batches I was put in 3rd batch i.e. 3:30 was my interview.. I had lot of time to prepare for technical HR 2 my surprise there was 2 rounds of technical HR and only 2 were selected in last two batches.In first round of technical the guy in my panel was so cool.he helped in all aspects

      Questions were,
Tell abt urself ,He took a quick look at my resume and aked questions from Area of Interest(OS)
Scheduling algm with examples and some concepts ,and from system software
1. Write a program for deleting a node in Doubly Linked list .
2. Write a program for implementing binary search tree.
3. Tree traversal Algorithms.
Some more que from data structures

He then moved to puzzle some 6 puzzles were asked and many were easy he helped sometimes (prepare from shakutla devi). I was again asked to attend 2nd Techinical HR

They were mostly suitations and he was quickSome programs in C.Once he asked abt myself, family background, strength, weaknessI was selected to General HR. It was easy as usual Questions simpleI was given offer on Sunday 12.00pm