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Paper General - Interview by Aditi

Details of Paper General - Interview by Aditi conducted by Aditi for job interview.
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The Aditi Technology Interview consists of two parts. One for Technical Interview and Another one for HR interview.

The technical interview is highly specialized and covers almost all subjects you have done in your curriculum. Some puzzles may also be asked in the interview. Special emphasis is laid on C and Data Structures. The paper has negative marking. Each correct answer carries one mark and half a mark is deducted for every wrong answer. These technical interview consists of three sessions. The first section is an aptitude section with 50 questions to be done in 50 minutes. The second section is a computer knowledge section with questions based on operating systems, computer architecture etc. This section has 15 questions to be done in 15 minutes. The last section is a C test with 15 questions and a time limit of 15 minutes. The company has a cutoff of around 60%.