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Example Paper 5 - General - Other by Accenture

Details of Example Paper 5 - General - Other by Accenture conducted by Accenture for job interview.



I (NITIN DWIVEDI,,CS,,,,, GHAZIABAD) got placed in "Accenture" my dream company....!!!!!!!

KIET was d HOST colg.Written held on 19Aug,,,Result on 23Aug,,,,GD & interview on 25 nd 26.....!!!!

but u know it...dis success i got after rejecting 5 companies......


1) US Tech


3)L&T Infotech

4)NIIT Technology



 My Saga of success began when i qualified written Xam(first time,,,keep it secret plzzzz) of ACCENTURE ... den i was unstoppable....... GD,,,,, HR,,,,,Technical

all rounds cleared smoothly(so000 talented).....!!!!!

i cant forget dat day....wen results got declared,,,,,26 August 07.

Now like others i ll give u some tips,,,,,but in a comprehensive manner...!!!!

Written requires speed....which can only be achieved thru more n more practise.....Questions asked were....55 Ques in 60 min. nd  after

dat 1 essay(10 min) on topic like Impact of IT industry in India.



Passages(2),,,Synonyms,,,grammer...articles n prepositions....!!!

2)Reasoning----------->RS agarwal,,,CAt material of TIME,IMS,Carrier Launcher.

ur presence of mind really help a lot....

3)u must go thru quantitative aptitude selected topics like percentage,,,average,,,,,simple interest,,,relative motion(trains n boats problems)set theory(venn diagrams),,,,probability simple concepts...!!!!


GD round---------->my topic was SHOULD EDUCATION BE MANDATORY

FOR POLITICIANS....(1 min to think nd 10 min to discuss)

speak in a impressive manner.......initiate or not but be invoved in conversation.6 out of 15 made it. i was d FAV speaker of HR person!!!!! I dominated d GD....!!!!!


HR--------> OOH La LA....she was a u can understand...!!!!

SHe took my precious 25 mins.Asked abt MY family,,,Strength,,,weakness,,,role model,,,,,wid eg to prove...Hobbies...she asked me to sing a song..(i m damn good at it!!)

den started asking general ques like y ACCENTURE...??

any problem in relocation..???

any priority..??

year gap...nd back log..???

LAST but not d least TECH ROUND.......(elimination round,, be careful)------>

dey may ask any subject,,,,for CS (OS,CN,S/W ENG,DBMS,OOPS,DAta Structure).

basic knowledge of C.C++ or JAVA.

For my EC frends---> C,C++ .MICROPROCESSOR,SWITCHING THEORY.b cool nd confident if u dont know d ans,,,den also.