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Example Paper 4 - General - Interview by Accenture

Details of Example Paper 4 - General - Interview by Accenture conducted by Accenture for job interview.
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easy questions, 1hr.,total 55 quest. , sectionwise cut off, one section was of eng questions as prepositions, antonyms,synonyms etc
another section included quest. on venn diag as studied in class 12th ,other quest like coding,data interpretation,probability,blood relationship etc
essay of 10 mts. followed with written our topic was IT INDUSTRY IN INDIA

The next round was GD the topic given to us was DRESS CODE IN COLLEGE, other topics included INDO US NUCLEAR DEAL,RAGGING,RETAIL HOUSES,SAAS BAHU SERIALS,EFFECT OF CELEBRITY STATUS ON JUDICIAL SYS etc in my grp, 6 of 12 were selected
remember to look at ur friends and not at the person taking GD speak fluently give chance to others also be grammatically correct

HR:Why 1 year gap?
ME:prepering eor JEE and AIEEE
HR:What happened?
ME:couldn,t clear cut off in chem and in AIEEE got MECH in BV Pune but I wanted EC or CS
HR:Why software even when u r EC student?
ME:coz IT is booming and its growth is very rapid and I want to be an integral part of it
HR:will it continue for the next 50 years
HR:What if it flunks next year?
ME:it won,t happen
HR Why
ME:coz of many factors like increasing human resource in this field, increase in FDI due to it, etc
HR:What else u know about IT
ME:was a sub in second sem
HR:What u study in that?
ME:entropy, information, sdlc, phases of sdlc...
HR:What are the phases of sdlc
ME:sir it was in 2nd sem so don,t remember that much
HR:ever done coding in C
ME:we just had DS in 4th sem so just know that much
HR:tell me everything u know about DS
HR:application of DS apart from C
ME: linked list used to represent polynomials
HR:summer training
HR:any quest for me
ME:asked about project assign in accenture

It was simple with normal HR quest like why accenture, what if not selected, how do u rate ur chances here, bout u, ur family,relocation,co curricular activities,three indian IT companies so 8000 gave written and 151 got finally selected iwas also one of them thanks to ALLAH also, my family was always there for me and prayed for me