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Example Paper 12 - Whole Testpaper by Accenture

Details of Example Paper 12 - Whole Testpaper by Accenture conducted by Accenture for job interview.
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Science and Technology,Bhopal.  WRITTEN (conducted by merittrack consultancy)Thanx 2 pattern ws the same...only thing that matters is the time management..55 Qs to be done in 1hr..I started wid the english section first since I,m strong in felt short of time in the logical-section.d 2 comprehension passages in the english section wr tough... wr based on s/w bt wr slightly tough...directly go 2 Qs n then find the ans.rather than reading the given passage.also thr wr QS for antonyms & synonyms...easymaths section ws moderate....practice RS AGGRAWAL....all Qs wr frm it... specially work,time&distance...didn,t attempt all Qs...went on 2 the nxtLogical section is the most easy one..vry thr is no negative marking attempt all Qs...jst focus n try 2 finish in time..Aftr that they will give u a topic for essay-writing...mine ws "Impact of IT industry in India"... mostly the essay topics r the same frm previous pprs...i hadn,t prepared 4 the essay bt hd sm points in mind...after d written d result ws announced @ 10 pm,ws given a form 2b filled n brought d nxt day...reporting time 7:30 am GD(on 8th sept)accenture ppl came late so GD strtd @ 9am.thr wr 140 who cleared writtn among d 2000 group had 12 ppl...our topic "Crime is Rewarding".tkcr not 2 speak too much widout givng othrs a chance coz a guy & a girl in our group did that n wr nt selected... wt u speak n hw u speak matters... wn the discussion strtd becoming a fish-mrkt i urged evry1 2 cntinue it peacefully...i guess that wrkd 4 me....b confident wn u speak..ur english matters.  TECH.INTERVIEW He : Hi asha...nice 2 meet u  I  : Thanku sir... (shaked hands)..may i take d seat sir?He : Ya..sure  I  : Thanku sirHe : So asha tell me abt urslf..  I  : (said all in my resume)   Anything more u wnt 2 knw abt me sir?He : Y ur 12th % ws low?  I  : Coz i ws into sports etc... (hd prepared 4 this Q)He : So u appeared 4 ny othr cmpny?  I  : yes..TCS & TechMahindra bt cudnt clear them..He : hv u learned ny programming language?   I : Yes sir...C bt dat ws self-study... n currently i,m learning javaHe : Wt r the basic features of OOPs?  I  : ( told all the 5 of them - abstraction,polymorphism...)He : Wt is polymorphism?   I : (explained)He : Anything u want 2 ask?   I : Since i,m frm Electrical&Electronics, will my training b different frm CS ppl?He : No,everybody does d same thing...  I  : Thanku sir...He : ok,thanku Waited outside the thru 2 the nxt round....Thr ws a 1hr waited HR He ws abt 29..a cheerful person He : Hi asha...   I  : Hello sirHe : Take ur seat I   : thank u sirHe : so asha...tell me abt urslf  I   : (told the same ans. again)He : Tell me abt ur family background I   : (told)He : Wt do u knw abt accenture? I   : (told everything i knew frm their site since dis is a frequent Q i hd prepared well)He : So u say Tiger Woods is oyr brand ambassador? I   : Yes sirHe : No he changed last night I   : Sir atlest till 1 day b4 he ws the 1 , i dont knw abt ystrdy since i hd gone back aftr d writtn @ 11pm & hd 2 report back @ 7:39 am 2dyHe : I,m jst kidding...he is the 1 (smiled)He : Wt  r ur strengths? I   : Oratory skills,confidence,good communication skills......etcHe : Give eg I   : Sir i hv been winning prizes in state-level debate,extempore....He : Ok...gud..ya, abt ur confidence i cn c thatI    : Thank u sirHe : Ur weakness? I   : I,m a bit short-tempered sirHe : a bit ? (smiled)...a bit is fine... I   : (smiled)He : R u ready 2 sign d service agreement wid us? I   : Yes sirHe : For 2 yrs? I   : Yes sirHe : Widout a pay-hike? I   : Ok sirHe : Y?coz this is ur 1st job? I   : yes sir (smiled)He : preffered job-location? I   : pune He : y? I   : its a nice place sir...i hv been thrHe : i,ll giv u chennai I   : fine sirHe : ok asha... gud luck I   : thanku sirHe : byeI     : bye sir  The results wr announced 3hrs 90% sure of getting in :)They annonced the result after an interactive session wr v asked our queriesMy name ws there wn the result ws announced....Thankgod....its surely coz of my faith in God,the support frm my parents n ofcourse my best frnds...all d best 2 all u ppl...hv faith in God n wrk hard...