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Example Paper 1 - ACCENTURE GENERAL by Accenture

Details of Example Paper 1 - ACCENTURE GENERAL by Accenture conducted by Accenture for job interview.
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hey after their tough process finally got through . its all by god,s grace........i cracked it i know u r curious to know abt so lets c

written test : consists of articles, synonyms,prepositions.its easy if u go thro, basic grammar rules n then 2 comprehensions 1 passag was easy....
n other was bit difficult so beter u try first as u dont hav time left i think proper time management too is important data sufficiency i made guesses here then venn diagrams prepare frm r.s.agarwal

1-$,0-*----> then 60^2-59^2=? this is of the form a+b)(a-b) n convert to binary format n do
nxt section + replaced by / - by * * by + / by - so they ll giv u equations find the answer its easy

they ll giv u 3 numbers u need to find whether all r alik,or any two r alike et
n last 5 min they gav us to write an essay :"my college life"

I am vrey much scared of this round as this is the main elimination i tell u never b nervous just try to speak some valid points that u hav but i tel u dont repeat the points so beter take an opurtunity to speak as early as possible n b confident too they askd us to decide a topic:

we hav a good team coordination so v hav chosen "should mobiles b banned in colg" "lov vs arrangd" etc but some panels gav the topic its difficult i think so believe n pray god

the hr was mam she was so friendly n cool she askd me tel me abt urslf other than wats there in my resume for every strngth she askd me to support that wat does success mean to u? y accenture? wiling to relocate? hobbies etc....... prepare for askng quesitons as they asks u "any question"?

as i heard its too an elimination round still scared as ppl got rejectd in this round too i answered the questions but 50-50 chances for me to get into he gav me one puzzle n aaskd me to draw logic circuit tried it but he askd me to writ equation for it but dont know:( wat is protocol, normalization, my project,osi layers,single tyre, 2- tyre , ntyre architecture etc...... n two mre situational questions

atlast they announcd the reults n finally crackd its by gods grace , frnds support n spl thanks to freshersworld frnds i lost infy hr , n 4 mre companies n vry discouragd but my faith in god made me thro so its not the end if u miss any opportunity but the best chance is waitng for u so dont loose hope ALL THE BEST C U IN ACCENTURE...............