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Placement Papers 18 September 2012 by Accenture

Details of Placement Papers 18 September 2012 by Accenture conducted by Accenture for job interview.
Technical round:

HR: Hi xyz .. tell me about yourself ?
Me: Told

HR: What are your favourite subjects ?
Me: C , Java

HR: What are packages ?
Me: Told

HR: Is it same as that of #include ?
Me: Told

HR: Why we use include keyword in c and import in java
Me: I was not sure but told something

HR: Advised me to be sure in the basic concepts.. and again asked favourite subject
Me: C

Hr : Write a pgm to take the name from user and print
Me: Wrote

Hr: Write pgm fr factorial of number
Me: Told

Hr: OK xyz.

After 5 mins they called for HR round.. (so be prepared for everything.. and don,t leave for last minute.. especially there 6 values)

Hr: Tell me about yourself ?
Me: Told

Hr: So whats new in information technology ?
Me: Told

Hr: Tell me about cloud computing ?
Me: Told

Hr: Where you see yourself after 5 years ?
Me: As a senior software engg in accenture

Hr: Ready to work in any part of country, night shift,any technology ?
(This was the indication that I am selected)
Me: Yes mam.