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Placement Paper February 2011 by Accenture

Details of Placement Paper February 2011 by Accenture conducted by Accenture for job interview.
veena B.P
2.01.2011 paper
hi friends i got selected in accenture n i will share some questions n tips to get through this.. be confident always...

Actually there will be 4 rounds... but for us there were 3 rounds
1.written test
2.technical round
no negative marking so ans every qs

written test contains 3 sections plus a essay
about 10 qustns based on grammer actually i was worried abt this but it will be easy then 2 passages 10.. 5 qs based on single passage first passage will be easy than 2nd.. i skipped 2nd while doing & attended in last min

2.logical reasoning
it will easy study aggarwal book its more than sufficient I solved without studying any book but gone through a sample paper

qs from venn diagram,probability,speed n time,age....... refer aggarwal apti book
this sections has to complete within 55 min then they will give a topic.. we hv to write for 100 words dont write too much but it should be good
dont neglect this come with preparation then only you can clear

After 2 hrs they shortlisted the names in our 15 cleared out of 110 n I was one them After they got our photocopy of all documents then told us to wait for a while at 4 o,clock i was called for TR really frds it was good n cool
TR:write a sentence
me:wrote something
TR:write C pgrm to input the sentence using scanf
i wrote something n gave but it was wrong then i asked my frds they too dont know somehow i got
then he asked a qn based on communication i answered
then asked about place training etc....
frds be confident while answering be hopeful... always be with a smile if you dont know the then tell them u cant recollect

Then waited for 10 min they called me HR
dont worry about this it will be very cool n he only told me that i am short listing your name it was exciting to me

i dint get trough TCS even i cleared apti so i was on no hope... but in TR i was really hopeful n confident abt this

Thanks to the panels who took my TR & HR, thanks to,thanks to my frds, finally thanks to god