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Paper Aptitude - General UC College, Aluva. Cochin - 11 November 2006 by Satyam

Details of Paper Aptitude - General UC College, Aluva. Cochin - 11 November 2006 by Satyam conducted by Satyam for job interview.
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1)a container contains 12 ltr of water. Some water is drain from it such that water

in the container is 6 lts more than the drained water.Amount of water drained?


2)An alloy of copper and tin are in the ratio 8:3,another alloy of the same are in the ratio6:5.Equal weights of these two alloys are combined and formed a third alloy C.

What is the ratio of copper and tin in C?


3)A man deposited a total of 25000 Rs in a bank some amount at the rate15/annum rest for18/annum.After an year he got a Rs4050 as interest.Find amount he spent for 18/anum.


4)A question just like conversion of binary to decimal

* stands for 0

^ stands for 1

the value of ^ doubles as its position shifts to left


     ^* =2



find the code for 11


5)P&Q are 2 points 22km apart.A&B are walking from P to Q at 5 & 6km/hr respectively.B reaches Q and retuns to P,and meets A at a point R.Find the distance from P to R


6)a question like this I dont remember the correct  nos but  I can give you the logic


         34  42

     14  18   22

   5   7     9     11

1   2    3      4      5


7)Sister you have as many sisters as you have Brothers. Brother you have as many brothers twice you have sisters. How many children are there in the family?

Choice : 4,5,3,7,8



1)-3 lts , 2) -7:4 , 3)-10000Rs ,4) -^*^^ , 5)- 20km , 6)-78         /*Note-the no at the top is the sum of the adjacent nos at the bottom +2*/ ,7)-7members