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General - Other Shri Ram Institute Of Tech. Jabalpur - 23 January 2008 by Infosys

Details of General - Other Shri Ram Institute Of Tech. Jabalpur - 23 January 2008 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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Hi frends ..this is priyanka ...i attended infosys on campus in srit college jabalpur....and i got thru first of all i wud like to thank freshers world and careerenclave that has helped me a lot to go thru the pattern.......there were around 600 students appeared for written and around 49 selected out of which 32 made it for HR,,,and by gods grace i was one among them............The very imp thing to crack any campus is just b honest to ur self ...b confident never b over takes u away..........and most imp.....jst believe in ur self.......u r the one who can do the best.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Here is the pattern dear freinds
1.logical reasoning(30 ques) 40 MIN
2.English section(40 ques) 30 min

for logical reasoning a prepration of 1 week with perspiration is more than enough......i recgnized it realllyyyyyyy bt u hav to do it by heart.
logical section......... 

he logical section consisted of the following ques....
1.2 puzzle test of 10 marks.....   .(just go thru  RS AGARWAL its more than enough.....)
2.5 series figure ques of 5 marks  (  go thru RS AGARWAL...NON VERBAL SECTION more than enough0
3.5 ques on data sufficiency    (again prefer rs agarwal )
4.5 ques on logical reasoning or syllogism... (go thru rs agarwal also go thru the lr part of the cat material) interpretation of 5 ques( Just go thru the rs agarwal aptitude is best as i preffered the same) 

English section....... it is as follows
 1. 2 paragraphs based question very easy ( try to do it in last minutes as it is very easy u hav to just go thru it once it  is of total 10 marks )
 2.  Correction of underlined sentence very minor difference  5 ques
3. theme detection 5 ques
4. choose the correct sentce of 5 marks,,,, and rest i cant recollect............. 

for verbal section i must say that prepare the basic things like tense, preposition , seeeches voices etc...............u can also go for the cat study material.....or prefer wren n martin.........

Written test was ok and the results were aronds 4 o clok and i made it thru... 

FOR HR I WUD SAY THAT DNT PREPARE FOR ANYTHING ELSE BUT PREPARE FOR URSELF I MEAN KNOW UR that u can reply every thing more thing that u shud go for r puzzles thay they ask in hr i ws asked 4 puzzles...............
ME: may  i come in sir
HR: yes u may
Me : good afternoon sir
HR:hav ur seat
ME: thank u sir
HR : so ur hobbies are singing and dancing
ME : yes sir
HR: did u gt any professinal classes for it
Me:no sir these are my hobbies bt not to a professional level
HR :ok ok
HR: he asked puzzles like that of the candle one and based on stick and blah blah...
Me : solved the one of them and cud approach others
HR:will ur parents mind if we send u too any place in  india
ME:blah blah
HR.:asked about the shm puzzle
ME:solved it..
HR:wt influence u to take cs
ME :blah blah
HR: wt is ur respnse if wipro visits tommorow
ME : blah blah
HR:wt are ur social activity
ME: blah blah
and all like this//////////// it ws a very formal conversation and nothin like interview as i hav found.....the thing that u need is connfidence and a naive smile.........that i maintained even in my odds in the hr...... wt they are seeking is that ur learnable or nt and hw u cn tackle the emergencies and guys jst be cool whther it is written or the hr.....jst face it s a part of ur life and nt like an exam...i did so;;;;;;;;;and also it hs been possible bcoz of the god ganesha...whos alws there for just b honest confident.....and most imp thing............ur the one who can do the best............never underestimate urself....jst b ur self ..infy hR are very good and make ur comfortable jst go thru ur prep and nothing else...................