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General - Other Bangalore - 14 June 2007 by IBM

Details of General - Other Bangalore - 14 June 2007 by IBM conducted by IBM for job interview.
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Hey Guys beware, IBM has changed their test pattern... This time the test consisted of 4 sections and there was NEGATIVE marking too for two sections...

this section consisted of  20 questions and NO NEGATIVE marking for this section only..Time given was 13 min for this sec...5 matrices were given and que were like

          1      2      3       4       5

   1     @    $      *       *       $

   2     $      $      *      @     @

   3     $      @    @     *       * 

   4     *      $      @      $      @

   5     @     *      $        *      *

Q1- If all the $ r replaced by @ , @ r replaced by * ,* r replaced by $ then what will be the 4th element of 3rd row?
 a-@      b-$      c- *    d- none of these..

Q2- If 3rd column and 5th row r interchanged then wat will the 4th element of 3rd row?
similar que were of these type..

This section consisted of 20 que with NEGATIVE marking (-1/3)..TIME limit only 4 min...20 number series were given..they were OK types.. Refer R.S. Agarwal (Quants) 

Though the qu were fairly simple, time management was the only major concern...  

This section consisted of 15 que with NEGATIVE marking (-1/3)..TIME limit only 12 min...

The qu were of the type- profit loss, time work, probability, depreciation....All qu had moderate difficulty level. concepts were from R.S. Agarwal but calulations were difficult...In all sections only time management was required....Interview for non comp it branch were all HR types..