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Technical - Other by BEL

Details of Technical - Other by BEL conducted by BEL for job interview.
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Hai Guys,

1.which of the following game uses bulley   c.goalf..

2.coupling capacitors and bypass capacitors affect
Ans:Only affect the lower cut off frequencies

3.1,8,27,64,125, ..........,.......
which among the following will not come in the series
a.1000,  b.729   c.259
Hint:1, 2,3, 4,5,.the series is like that

4.I am not able to paste one image.
Tthe question is   RC  coupled amplifier with a  feed back network in between  Collector and Base.Which type of feedback is this?
a.Current series b.Voltage shunt  C. voltage series  d current shunt
Ans: Voltage shunt

5.Block reduction  of  control system(simple)

6.settling time of Control  system.Given the transfer function.I am  not recollect
Ans== 4/wn<!--[if !vml]--><!--[endif]-->

7.Dual of a logical expression
8.Particular Integral of homogenious eqn