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Paper Technical - Java by Alumnus

Details of Paper Technical - Java by Alumnus conducted by Alumnus for job interview.
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Sample Test paper

1.  Find the locus of the point whose sum of distance from 2 fixed points is constant.
2.  [-infinity to +infinity]integration(exp(-x*x))
3.  The product of any 3 consecutive nos is always divisible by _ ? options[12/6/10/24]
4   int i=0,j=50
     while (i<j)
             if(<some condtn>)
                 <body of the loop>
            elseif(<some condtn>)
             {   <body of the loop>
          else(<some condtn>)
           {<body of the loop>

      How many times the body of the loopis going to be executed?
      options[unknown/25/50/depends on the given condtn]

5   How can you include a library code written in C++ in a source code written in C?
       (Options are there)
       Ans. Some cross-linked platform(compiler) is required for this.

6    int a[20],i
        What is the final content of the program.

7     Which data structure should be used for searching an element in an array in constant time in case of 
        average case?    Ans. Hash table(not sure)

8     One question on ISO OSI model.easy one(not remembered)                     
 9     Another question abt. a protocol Ans. Token/Ring
10    If we want to connect two systems to form a network which leyer(OSI) is of most interest to us?
        Ans. Physical layer.