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Placement Paper MIT Pune 27-June-2012 by ThoughtWorks

Details of Placement Paper MIT Pune 27-June-2012 by ThoughtWorks conducted by ThoughtWorks for job interview.
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1Basics of c,c++ in aptitude followed by
2.Coding test
4.Hr Interview.
In aptitude questions were like
1.They give 11 q in 60 min. ,q3 is having 2 subq,q10,11 having 3 sub questions. if in q3 you lost 1 then no marks for both subq.
In questions
-They give you ,on the upper side a long box array containing some digits
-below that a flowchart with different steps ,& instr in those steps ,u have to follow them ans the q below ,
-whichever ans you found, search the same in boxes n write the box no. on the front ans sheet
3Questions on finding ans of given q a/c instr given in flowchart
3 Questions on finding missing no. in the box to get the ,last
2 Questions on finding the ans a/c to given treen eg-there r 4 no. is 1greter follow this
else other path .
2 Question on finding the missing step in the algo.
1Question for fingering the correction in wrong step in algorithm
dont know about coding of luck 2 all.bye