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Aptitude - General The National Institute Of Engineering, Mysore - 12 November 2006 by Tesco

Details of Aptitude - General The National Institute Of Engineering, Mysore - 12 November 2006 by Tesco conducted by Tesco for job interview.
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Hi Friends,

As all of you know, last sunday i.e., 12th November 2006 I had campus recruitment by TESCO.

I am very happy to say that, I got selected.

I would like to share my experience with respect to written test as well as interview.

Cut off % was 70%. During ppt they have reduced to 69.5%.

I am frank with you that, I could not able to give exact questions. Just I put my experience with few words.

The recruitment process was conducted in THREE phases.

Written Test
Technical Interview
HR Interview
1. Written Test :

Test was conducted by MeritTrack. The test pattern includes three sections of different papers. They are Veral Ability, Analytical and Logical Reasoning.

Verbal Ability:

The first few questions were on synonyms type.
The second section, choosing an appropriate articles.
Third and fourth sections were paragraphs ( two paragraphs), one on E - Commerce and another on DBMS.

Analytical Reasoning:

In this section,some questions were very easy, and some were confusing. I would like to suggest you that, donot attend this section initially, because it consumes more time.

First 5 to 6 questions were based on Vendiagrams ( Refer R. S. Agarwal Verbal & Non - Verbal Reasoning ==> Puzzle Test chapter), Percentage and profit loss.

Another 5 questions on BODMAS rule. It was very easy. but it was at the end of Anylytical Reasoning section. I would like to suggest you that, try to attend such questions initially, because it saves lot of time.

Another 5 questions on replacing 0 with * and 1 with $. I would like to give a hint to solve this is, what ever the type of equation given, first solve it. And finally you will get one decimal number. Then convert this decimal number to equalent binary form. Finally replace 0 with * and 1 with $. Definately you will get the required result.

Last 5 to 6 questions on Cubes ( Refer R. S. Agarwal Verbal & Non - Verbal Reasoning)

Logical Reasoning:

This section is more time cosuming compare to other two sections. Even though, number of questions is very less, but all are lengthy questions and alloted time is very less.

Here one problem on Decision making ( Refer R. S. Agarwal Verbal & Non - Verbal Reasoning )

Coding and Decoding

Visibility test ( three 10 - 15 digit numbers have given, just find out which are same, and which are different), it was very easy.

2. Technical interview:

Technical Interview was very cool. it was not much difficult. It was about 20 to 25 minutes.

There were two persons in the interview panel.

let me put some questions asked in the technical round.

Tell me about your self.
Asked about engineering branch in B.E., and specialization in M.Tech.
In my resume I put 4 project. one project on networking, another one is my B.E., Academic project, third is project on Web design, last one is DBMS project.
He was asked to explain all the project.
some question on tools used. I used Flux software in my academic project. He was asked about the usage of flux software. Basically this Flux software is used for text animation. It takes any string (text message) as an input, and gives animated output.
Conver 13 into binary ( you need not calculate, up to 15 we can directly answer)
What is linked list ? What is use of linked list.
What do you mean by pointer variable ?
What is the difference between a pointer variable and an ordinary variable?
Which is your favorite subject ?...( I answered TCP / IP and networking)
Enlist OSI model layers ?.. I list 7 layers from bottom to top.
Some functionality of the layers and respecitve protocols.
3. H R Interview:
The HR interview was very cool. It was just a normal discussion.

Actually I had 1 year gap between B.E and M.Tech. He was asked about what were you doing ?...
What is your Father ? I told Agriculturist ( Former)
What is your Mother ? I told housewife.
Do you have brothers and sisters ? I told I have one elder brother and one youger brother.
What are they ( brothers) doing ?
Are your brothers married ?
Where did you do B.E., ? I told at Malnad College of Engineering, Hassan
Did you stayed in hostel ? I told at First year I stayed in private room, from second year onwards at government (BCM) hostel.
How was the food at hostel ?
Have you taken any Bank Loans for education ?
Which bank ?