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Placement Papers - NIT KURUKSHETRA - 10 September 2011 by TCS

Details of Placement Papers - NIT KURUKSHETRA - 10 September 2011 by TCS conducted by TCS for job interview.
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this side and i will share my personal experience on TCS campus drive.I m in final year of my MCA.I assure you that cracking TCS written and interview is easy,u just need to focus on qualifying written.TCS came to our campus on 10th september 2011.Same procedure top 5 from every branch and ppl who are having throughout 75% are directly called for interview.
Written test was based on that 70 odd patterns.Touchstone software was used.You will be given 80min to do 35 is an online test.For written jst prepare last year papers of TCS from fresher world and that will be more than enough,no need to study nething else for written.remember there is 1/3rd negative marking so attempt questions about which u r sure.try to attempt around 25-30 questions.
In my college around 100 students appeared for written and they selected only 43 and i was among 43 luckily.They were saying NIT KURUKSHETRA is grade A college in there list so they increased cutoff because of which only 43 students are selected.
After written test they had small presentation and then interview.Dont get nervous in interview,keep urself calm and be confident and u will get through.They had 2 rounds:

My technical round is as follows
I went inside,wished interviewer
I:-Ok u did ur graduation from AGRA?
me:-no sir i completed my graduation from lucknow bt my college was affiliated to GARA university.
I:-Ok,tel me what is OOPS
I:-write a program to show function overriding
I:-asked me to explain the program
I:-how is function overloading different from function overriding?
I:-ok good.tell me some latest technologies in IT market(by latest he means which came 2-3 months back)
me:-sry sir
I:-so u dnt read ne tech magzine and didnot visit tecnical websites
me:-sir i do visit technical websites bt not on regular basis.
I:-ok,Why TCS?
me:-I said,work pressure is less there and BLA BLA BLA
I:-I am working in TCS for last 10 years and there is so much of work pressure and i need to work 11 hours a day
me:-ok sir,there is no problem in working 11 hours a day bt my boss must not be standing on my head for every work.
I:-ok,so u r saying u can work 24*7?
me:-sir i can,bt there must be balance in professional and social life.
I:-ok thanku.
me:-thanku sir.

my interview just went for around 10 min.remember dont get nervous,look towards interviewer at the time of interview and in technical they jusy ask basics so be clear in ur basics of C,C++,database.
next round was HR i was called off just after 15 min i completed my technical,remember techical interviewer gives feedback of every student to HR and whose feedback is good those students are called immediately for HR.

HR was very friendly of age around 25-28.
HR:-are u tensed
me:-yes mam a bit as it is my 1st interview.
HR:-calm down,take ur time.
then she asked my introduction and around 20-25 min she just bullied me about my weakness which i told that i sleep a lot during my free be prepared well with ur introduction.they just check ur communication and confident.always smile in front of HR(short and sweet smile).show that u r confident about what u r speaking.In HR just keep on answering what HR is asking and be logical in ur ready with real life examples of ur strenghts,weakness and achievements.
At last she asked about relocations,i said i have no problem.

after all this i waited around 4-5 hours for results and at last they said they will mail result to day around 9PM result came and i was among 62 selected from 143(including 35 toppers).