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General - Interview Silicon Institute Of Tech.,Bhubaneswar - 26 March 2008 by TCS

Details of General - Interview Silicon Institute Of Tech.,Bhubaneswar - 26 March 2008 by TCS conducted by TCS for job interview.
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Hello Everybody I am Surya from Silicon Institute of Technology,Bhubaneswar and I am giving some questions asked in TCS technical+HR interview. This interview is the selection process(be prepared for branch subject).

I entered into the room and greeted the interviewer.

Interviewer: What is ur family back ground and ur educational back ground?

Me: told names and what r they doing.accordingly ,started my schoolling,then intermediate then where u r pursuing now with branch ,sem.

Interviewer: ur fav. subject is transmission and distribution of power..say the various losses in transmission line?.

Me: answered

Interviewer: He asked about what the prevention for that losses?

Me: Answered

Interviewer: asked about my paper presentation on"multilevel inverter"?

Me: answered
Interviewer: difference between structure & union

Me: answered

Interviewer: asked about binary search?

Me: answered with example
Interviewer: write the algorithm of binary search?

Me: Answered(but missed one step)
Interviewer: started asking whether u know SQL or not?

Me: answered yes ,
Interviewer: asked some queries

Me: answered

Interviewer: smiled and gave me to write the correct hierarchy between table, tablespace and database
Me: answered
Interviewer: asked about my year gap?

Me: answered

Interviewer: smiled by looking my hobbies?

Me: i too smiled at him....

Interviewer: asked whether i have any moblity constraints ?

Me: answered NO

Interviewer: asked whether i sm aware about service bond with TCS not?

Me: answered Yes

Interviewer: then questioned back to " what is reactive power and how it could be compensated?"

Me: answered

Interviewer: asked what is the difference between capacitor and diode?

Me: answered

Interviewer: asked any question for me?

Me: asking about the training programme provided by TCS?

Be thorough with your basics and be well prepared with C,C++ ,DS but important is RDBMS

Even questions like Fibonacci series (both normally & using recursion were asked)

Quick sort, Merge sort, Selection Sort, Bubble Sort are the hot questionsFor EEE people be ready for machine,TD,microprocessor ,DEC ,some r asked about OE,PHYSICS,MECHANICS