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General - Interview Lit College,Alvar - 2 March 2008 by TCS

Details of General - Interview Lit College,Alvar - 2 March 2008 by TCS conducted by TCS for job interview.
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aptitude consisted of the same pattern ie verbal, quantitative and logical.test was online.practice vocab from barron,s gre.technical interview:

sir: goodmorning,please take ur seat.
me: thank u.
sir: u r from indore,wat is the another name of the same?
me: ahilyabai nagari.
sir: name any industrial centre near to it?
me :pithampur.
sir: draw two sine waves of two different frequencies,and which will travel faster and why?
me :told.
sir: have u seen a capacitor,how does it look like?
me: told.
sir: have u seen inductor,--------like?
me: told.
sir: why dsp is ur area of interest and its applications?
me: told.
sir: if i charge a capacitor and hold will i get current?
me: explained.
sir: gave a blackbox and told to implement with a circuit.
me :tried....i think it should be so.
sir: asked about virtual functions,abstract classes from java
me: explained.
sir: difference between c++and java.
me: explained.
sir: thank u.
me :thank u sir. immediatedly i was called for hr.they will test ur stress levels and management skills. be confident and relaxed.