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Placement Papers July 2010 by Syntel

Details of Placement Papers July 2010 by Syntel conducted by Syntel for job interview.
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Garbage Collection, when Generation 2 is FULL will the object ever be
created. or Gen 2 will be collected?
Why we have two types of memory, what is heap memory ?
Difference between Virtual and Abstract Method ?
What is Runtime Polymorphism ?
What is Overiding ?
WHat is the use of a Static Constructor ?
What is the use of a private constructor ?
What is a Delegate ?
How do you call a Asynchronous method from a Delegate ?
What design patterns you used in the project ?
What is difference between new and virtual ?
what is the difference betweem stringbuilder and string
What is an interface ? Is there any relation betweem interface and
performance ?
what is an abstract class ?
Scenario where you used Delegate ?
What is a Generic Class ?

What is the difference between DataSet and DataReader ?
When you wil go for a DataReader or DataSet ?
What is CommandBuilder ?

How do you manage session, session mode ?
How do you incremnet the signed in users count in a website ?
Wht is the diff between server.transfer and response.redirect ?
how to improve performance ?
what are diff types of caching ?
Difference between Application and Sesssion ?

What is Channel Factory ?
How do you Host a Service ?
What is setting the client config when working on WCF Service ?
what is the difference between TCP and http bindidng ?

Correlated SUbQuery ?
What are Views ?
Advantage of View Compared to a Stored Procedure ?
What is a Cursor, How do you replace a Cursor ?
Identify Duplicate Records ?
Show Department Name and Employee Count ?
what is difference betweem Having Clause and Where ?
What is difference betweem Exists and IN ?
Whare are temp tables ?