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Read Online 20 - Whole Testpaper - 31 July 2007 by Syntel

Details of Read Online 20 - Whole Testpaper - 31 July 2007 by Syntel conducted by Syntel for job interview.
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Hi , this is D.R aravind prakash from sri manakula vinayagar engineering college i recently got placed in syntel on 31st july 2007 and became syntelite

this is the 7th company company i am attending..........i hav not cleared aptitude test for the first 6 companies........dont lose hope ...try try try till u get get ....

now i would like to tell the selection process of syntel

it consist of four rounds

Aptitude (logical and verbal)
Group Discussion
Aptitude part:
this round consist of two sections logical and verbal....logica-25 and verbal-15 ....there are sectional cut off....but it is very easy to achieve mainly they will be asking series(8),find the sentence which correctly matches the paragraph(10 ques),paragraph puzzles(6 ques) thats all i remeber in logical part
In verbal part they gave some 2 opposites,analogy,choose the correct sentence (700 wrote the test and 268 cleared aptitude test)

Group Discussion
this is an elimination round.... In gd they were 15 people per batch and they selected 3 peoples per batch and in my batch they selected 6 people, even though i spoke last i got selected........i was able to impress all the people in advice is that speak some valid points in different manner in such a way u catch the attention of people in gd

topic : indian education VS foriegn education

268 attended ...they selected 75 people in gd

after gd,they checked our mark sheets........their criteria is that ....person should not hav arrear till current semester

Tech + HR

hr:how do u feel ?

me:i feel great that i have cleared apti and gd

hr:how many companies u attended before?

me:i attended 6 companies,i was not able to clear apti ...for every company the pattern was changing so only sir

hr:brief about yourself


hr:tell me the diff between c and c++


hr:tell me something about microprocessor?

me:i told answers wrongly but in a confident manner

hr:situation questions??

me:he was checking our attitude

hr:some advices like still u hav to improve ue skills

me:i was listening to him with a smilimg face