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AIEMD College Campus, West Bengal ,15 January 2011 by Syntel

Details of AIEMD College Campus, West Bengal ,15 January 2011 by Syntel conducted by Syntel for job interview.
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We faced
1. Online aptitude test (marks=45, 45min)(Reasoning, coding, English, Pzls, Blood-relation )
2. PPT
3. GD
4. Tech + HR.

Lets Start from GD

The topic was given by them. It was 12 member-15min GD on Boom in IT Industry

I just told a single point different from other 11, and it took only 10-15sec and I was forwarded to next round. Thanks my friends Thanks God

Tech + HR interview:

There were two cool handsome man sat on chair, observing me well, coming inside the room
Me: Wish them Good Afternoon they also to me.
P1: Hi Pulak, How r u feeling today?

Me: Very much excited.
P2: Why? R not u nervous?

Me: Actually someone told me, When you feel excited, you are going to gain something, But when u r Nervous, u r going to loose every thing.
P1 & P2= Smiled and introduce them with me
P1: Which language you want to use (Hindi, Bengali, English) ask me in Bengali.

Me: I am comfortable wth all of them, but to day I am very much comfortable with English.
P1: Ok. are you sure?
Me: Yes sir.

P2: Then Pulak, tell me some thing about yourself, me replied well.

At that moment P1 was properly checking my CV, He found my instrstng subjects and made a round and pass the CV to P2 I am a student from ECE dept
P2: How much u know about C prog.
Me: Basic knowledge I have

P2: Asked me some (6-7) tech questions from C, Data Structure, Digital El Ckt, MicroPro I confidently answered all of them, though after the interview I found that I made 1-2 ans wrong.
P1: What did you do in the last 1month or last 4-5 days.
Me: Considering last 1month I was working on my academic project.. and if consider last 4-5 days then I was just preparing for Syntel, gathering questions for Tech or HR round from

P1: Do u know which type of Qs are asked in Syntel Tech or HR round? Are you prepared for those..?
Me: After explaining various type of Qs asked in SYNTEL Tech or HR round I replied, I am prepared for the other Qs too.

P2: Any sub you know well, out of ur CV.
Me: Control System, A/D comm, Basic Elect.

P2 asked 2-3 Qs more from these subjects too. I also answered all of them
P1: Any sub from where u cant answer?

Me: From the syllbus.
P1 & P2 smiled a lot.

P1: Ok, Pulak if I send u to Chennai on April and Told u to prerape C++, Java, .net etc on the 1st day of joining, What will you do?
Me: Told

P1: Pulak, why, just to keep your fathers order? (Offering a cup of Tea)
Me: Told for the Tea I just smiled a bit and say NO thanks

P2: Any question for us?
Me: Do I have to take proper training from outside before joining Syntel.

They replied, they provide a good training at the very beginning of Syntel life. But anyone can have those subs prepared earlier if they wish.

Then Both of then shake hand with me and told me to wait for the result.. They will tell to our TPO within 2-3 days.
Thats the time I just cant forget , I lost my Sleep, lost my game interest and all others.

Syntel is my 3rd company in college life.

1st = Infosys I cant pass the apti test.

2nd= L&T Infotech. I go to the top level (tech + HR) but cant finish with joy.

3rd = Syntel Waiting for Result
Our result was given to our TPO on 27, January, 2011. I was just listening song then my friend call me and congratulate me for my success Oh. God. Then I just open the mail box and I became one of the happiest men in the world. I am selected to enjoy Syntel life.

Best of Luck for all!