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Coimbatore ,31 March 2009 by Suther

Details of Coimbatore ,31 March 2009 by Suther conducted by Suther for job interview.
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I attended the interview through the Coimbatore branch office situated in Vayaluran Towers,RS.Puram.
First they tested my communication and asked me to attend a 30 days(30 working days-Saturday was also a working day) free Pre-Hire training mainly focused on:

1. Sentence Structure.
2. Pronunciation.
3. Usage of words.
4. Vocabulary (usage of new words).
5. Correct Usage of Prepositions.
6. Tense.
7. Intonation.
8. Listening (for this special practice will be given, in which we should we should frame sentences by listening an audio file)
9. Correct usage of Articles.
10. Confidence level while Speaking.
11. Difference between look,see and watch.
12. Difference between hear and listen.
13. Difference between say and tell.
14. Telephone Etiquette.
15. How to reduce Fillers while Speaking.(this will be done only if you have fillers while speaking)
16. About Mind Mapping.

Overall it was mainly focused on "How to speak English Professionally" and it has no job assurance.
Sutherland Global Services has around 55 processes in fields like Banking, Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Insurance, Telecoms, Mortgage some of the technical process include :

1. Microsoft
2. Dell
3. HP
4. Acer
5. UOL
6. Symantec
7. Mcafee and many more.........

Their selection procedure goes like this:

1. For all the process they have a Centralized Communication Panel (CCP Panel) which is very difficult first we have clear this panel.
2. After this we will be directly taken to the process com panel after clearing this we will taken to the technical rounds on the same process panel.
3. In case if we are rejected by the process panel we will be given chance to take other process panels.
4. Depending upon the process selection procedure the number of rounds in each process will vary.

After clearing the technical round you are in to the company, but you have to clear two more rounds. They are :
1.Online Test comprises of four sections (General Aptitude, Grammar, Listening & Technical).
2.Keyboard Typing Test in which you should reach a net speed of 30 wpm or above it.

The Batch was started on 23rd February and ended on 30th March and we got the Final call on 31st March.

* Totally 22 members took the training.
* In the due course, 5 members up scorned.
* Remaining 17 members took the call.
* Unfortunately only 5 members are shortlisted.
* First we are asked to attend the Microsoft Panel.
* Only three members cleared the Microsoft com round
* The other two members were asked to attend the Symantec Panel ( Myself and other one)
* I was shortlisted for Symantec com round and asked to attend the technical round( in which only standard questions are asked) and i cleared it and got selected.

About technical round the type of questions will vary from process to process. But mainly in all the process the questions will be from trouble shooting operating systems and networking concepts.

The questions asked to me are :
1. How to boot a system in safe mode and about the different ways?
2. How to open System Configuration Utility and about it?
3. How to open Device Manager and its uses?
4. How to open Registry Editor and its uses?
5. What is the difference between a switcher and a router?

Answer all the questions with confidence