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Chennai ,21 May 2007 by Suther

Details of Chennai ,21 May 2007 by Suther conducted by Suther for job interview.
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There were four rounds in the interview
1.Intial Screening--some thing about yourself will be asked or to speak on some general topic will be asked to check your communication skill.
2.Typing speed test--Typing speed should be above 25 and accuracy should be 90.
3.English test---Test your commend over English.A passage will be given and some question related to it.
4.Technical round.----Some Technical Question will be asked.

My first Question was
1. What is a Computer.
2.What do you mean by safe mode
3 some more question related to safe mode.
4..Some Dos-Command.
5.If a folder is created with some file ,how will u delete it useing Dos-Command.
6.Configuration of my computer.

Some more Question were asked i don,t remember exactly. Prepare basic concept of Operating system, Windows and difference among this Windows. Refer other Placement Papers it helped me lot it will help you also

If you think you can you can.