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25 March 2006 ,Whole Testpaper by SoftSol

Details of 25 March 2006 ,Whole Testpaper by SoftSol conducted by SoftSol for job interview.
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Questions from logarithm, limits and functions are asked

1) Aa2-ax+x2 - Aa2+ax+x2 = ?
A a2-ax+x2 -a2-ax+x2

a) a1/2 b) a-1/2 c)0 d)None

2) log 8 x1/8 / log 8 x =?
a) Have 2 natural numbers b) have irrational numbers
c) have 1 natural 1 irrational d) None of above

3) Lt x->0 xac log lt
Lt x->0 xac cos f/2lt dt - cos f/2lt dt
a) 0 b) 1 c) ..
some questions related to functions also asked.

Section 2: ( Logical Reasoning) questions related to pie chart,and some normal quesions r asked.
Section : ( Computer and It related) all 10 questions r from c++ but some questions r different
1.what is Ada ?
2. what is Dongle?
3.match the following
1.IFELSE A. related data
3.goto c.
4.break d.
and one more match the following also..............

4.when a program is written 4 memory spaces r allocated?
a.stack b.heap variable d.operators e. all

some others which I don,t remember sure