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Placement Papers by SLK Software

Details of Placement Papers by SLK Software conducted by SLK Software for job interview.
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1. A rectangle of size 3 and 4 is given. Find the circumference of the circle outside to this
rectangle is?
Ans: - 5 π
2. Two circles are given. The radius of the lager is 3 times of the smaller. Area of a arc is 2
for the smaller then find the area of the larger arc.
Ans: - 54
3. Profit - loss question- cost price is Rs. 600. Gain is 20% and loss is 5%. What is the cost
price of the item having a loss of 5%?
Ans: - 440
4. Permutation - combination problem. A group of 8 boys going somewhere in two cars.
5 can sit in 1st car and 4 can sit in the 2nd. How many ways they can sit.
Ans: - 9 {not sure.}
5. Between 100 and 1000, how many no. are there having at least one 6.
Ans: - 252
6. N and p are two integers greater than 15n whose cube is equal to 75np. Find minimum
value of n and p
7. A metal cube having a weight of 6. If the size is increased by 2 times what will be the
new weight.
Find the value of x?
And: - none of the above.
5 x
9. Train problem. Two train are moving towards each other with speed of 60mils/hr and 40
mils/hr. The distance between these two trains is 100 mils. A bird starts, with a speed of
90 mils/hr, flight from the point of faster train at the same time, towards the slower train.
As it reaches to the slower train it moves towards another direction. What is the
maximum distance the bird can travel when both train collapse?

There will be 60 questions.

15 questions from each part.

1st paper contains only three parts and the 2nd paper is for verbal communication.

Time given for the 1st paper is 1hr and 10min for the 2nd paper.

For verbal don,t read the paragraph, just see the questions and find out the answers. It,s very easy.