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Placement Paper Tech Interview Latest 2012 by SIEMENS

Details of Placement Paper Tech Interview Latest 2012 by SIEMENS conducted by SIEMENS for job interview.
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Siemens technical + hr interview covers logical questions and other computer science concept and Questions from C and C++
Can you write the code of your project?
Why no reverse method in string?
How is a semaphore different from an ordinary variable?
How can a deadlock occur in UNIX?
What kind of an operating system is UNIX? (Multitasking, etc, etc.)
What kind of an operating system is Microsoft Windows?(Multiuser, etc, etc.)
How is is a keystroke interpreted in Microsoft Windows?(Event, message, etc. etc.)
Which data structures are used in Dynamic memory allocation? (Trees, singly linked list, doubly linked list, etc.)
Few questions on Xwindows.
What is an RDBMS? (Codd,s Rules)
What is a transaction?
What is void pointer
Few more questions on SQL statements and RDBMS.
Few questions on travesing TREEs
What is a Router? What are its functions?
What is the difference between a Router and a Bridge?
What are the layers in ISO OSI model in order?
how to check the induction motor if multi meter & meger are not avaliable?
If were to write a function to tell if the number is odd or even, how would u code it
The output of the below program is ____
struct base
{int a,b;
int virtual function1();}

struct derv1:base
{int b,c,d;
int virtual function1();}

struct derv2 : base
{int a,e;}





base ba;
derv1 d1,d2;
printf("%d %d",d1.a,d1.b)

Siemens HR interview pattern
(HR round covers your General, educational, background, interest, Skills, Achievements, technical details etc.......)
Please introduce yourself
what are your interests strengths and weaknesses.?
what do you want to improve about yourself.?
Why should we hire you over any other applicant?
(explain the qualities you posses with an example to demonstrate it)
what are the expectations?
why do you want to work for us?
what do you know about our company?
How would you apply your experience in our company?
How long you stay here if you selected?
Why do you want to work for Siemens?
would you relocate ?
What is your expected salary?