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Paper Whole Testpaper - Job Paper 3 by SIEMENS

Details of Paper Whole Testpaper - Job Paper 3 by SIEMENS conducted by SIEMENS for job interview.
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All are multiple choice questions.60 questions to be answered in 60 mins.
Distribution of questions:
---10 questions from data structures and some general topics.
-----10 questions from Unix and C.
--7Questions from Data base.

----Remaining from Windows(x windows,MS Windows etc..)
The distribution is not exact.Only approximate.
Totally there are six sections as below:
2.Unix and c
4.C++/Object oriented
6not remembered.
The questions are as follows:
1.What is RDBMS...Def
2.Two tables are given.In 1st table 2 columns are
isEmployee no,second is salary.In second table 3 columns are there,one is employee no,second is date,3rd is salary.
Select employee no,from table1,table 2.
How many records it will contain?.(This is somewhat difficult).

3.What is transaction?
1.X.25 protocol belongs to which layer.
2,Order all the 7 layers in sequence
3,One node has 2 IP address but data goes through only one link.What is the reason?
4,Router,Bridge,Gateway....Which one of these can not connect
two different Lans and is protocol sensitive.
5,Client sends server---reqest or demand or -----Choices
are given.
Another section...
If this program is compiled without giving any argument ,what it will print.
2.What are the static variables...def
3.What is Dynamic allocation ?
4.Dead lock condition...What may be the condition for it.
5.Semaphore variable?..def
6.Most of the Windows operating systems are....choices are given like
----a,maltitasking, multiuser, multi processing
like that
7.Properties of object oriented,(just recall the name of the properties like
8.A program of C++,and two questions were based on the o/p of that program.

Some more questions are not remembered.
Here I am concatenating another mail from my friend.The number of questions from different areas as mentioned before is not correct.The correct numbers are given below.
1, 5Q ...x windows
2, 5Q .....MS Windows
3, 7Q.....Databases
4, 20 Q....General
5, 20Q....UNIX/C
6,5Q ....OOPS
Some questions.....
1,Sticky bit concept
2,Bourne shell.,no hup concept
3,Net work layers
4,Ethernet,Token Ring
Unix...(Ans is Multitasking,Multi user)
6,Windows...(ans is pseudo multitasking)
7,IP Addresses
8,Normalisation(in data basese)
9,SQL Queries
10, semaphores