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S.P.College[Mumbai] ,30 August 2007 by Schneider

Details of S.P.College[Mumbai] ,30 August 2007 by Schneider conducted by Schneider for job interview.
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Here is the Test pattern:
Technical Aptitude:30 mins [20 questions]
It mainly consisted of motors,transformers,star-delta network,sensors,etc....
Instrumentation students can refer to their ETI subject of the 3rd sem and for Electronics students it was EMI.

General aptitude:30mins[20 questions]
This section consisted of simple Quanatitative questions like time & distance,time & work,averages,percentage.... few reasoning questions like blood relation,coding,fill in the missing nos..
This section was really very easy...30 mins was too much for this section...the paper got completed in 20 min

Interview:It was a combined HR & technical interview

HR questions:Where do u stay?
Tell me something abt ur family??
If you are posted to Guwahai do you or ur family have a problem??
Tech questions:
What have u learnt in Instrumentation uptill now??
What are PLCs???explain the B.D.
What is DCS??
Types of Control System??
for electrical students questions were more based on motors and transformers

Total students present = 130
Selected = 4
I got selected and it was a real surprise for me.
In the interview they not only see how correctly you answer but they also check ur confidence level and desire for the job.