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Placement Paper Chennai February 2012 by Sasken

Details of Placement Paper Chennai February 2012 by Sasken conducted by Sasken for job interview.
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These are the programmaing Questions

1.How Jk F/F can be converted into T F/F.

2.Difference between display and write in Verilog.?

3.ASIC flow steps? (RTL design ->Functional Verification->Synthesis ->STA->Place and route)

4.Difference between Latch and F/F?Which is faster?

5.Difference/Comparison between DRAM and SRAM?

6.what happens to Vth if temp Increases>?

7.In a negative feedback control System ,If feed factor Increases what happens to Gain and Bandwidth?

8.NMOS and PMOS will pass which value without degradation?[NMOS -0 and PMOS -1]


(i).Cant be further reducible and glitch

(ii)Can reducible further and cant glitch

10.which is faster :read cache or write cache?

11.Noise Margin Definition?

12.What happens to power If Vth increases In CMOS?

13.enum = {a=1,b=5,c,d} What is the c and d?

14(.A+B) is equivalent to?

15.How can we Increase the slope of Trasnfer chacteristics of a CMOS?

(i)Increasing W/L ratio of PMOS and NMOS In the same proportion

(ii) Increasing W/L ratio of PMOS and NMOS In different proportion

(iii) Increasing W/L ratio of PMOS only

(iv) Increasing W/L ratio of NMOS only

Sasken Descriptive Questions

Descriptive Questions

1.What happens If we interchange PMOS and NMOS in a CMOS Inverter?

2.Why PMOS width should be greater than NMOS? a =0;

If(a++) print (Example1);

else if (++a) print (example2);

(i)What is the output if the program?

(ii)What is the value of i?

4.What are the advantages and disadvantages of Pipeline operation?

5.Draw the output waveform?

(i) initial begin

Y = #5 0;

Y = #3 1;

Y = # 8 0;

(ii) Y