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Durgapur ,25 September 2011 by Sail

Details of Durgapur ,25 September 2011 by Sail conducted by Sail for job interview.
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Sail mt electronics paper..
Tech -question paper tough for electronics most of question electrical and mechanical type like Engine ,..Control system Network system ..some basic question are ..
Fuse-i^2t,zero cross detector for fm,pla contain - programmable or programmable and,ttl-totem pole out put ,gauge factor base numerical ,ckt theory-8-10 qusetion,
thevenin,s theorem-law of conversion of power ,control system-stability condition ,v mos switching speed compare to bjt, microprocessor qus too tough ..numerical -calculate pinch of ,bjt saturation current base numerical,etc

next-gk-mixed up with normal gk+current affir..
Appti=si/ci,shere,percentage,profit and loss,mixture..etc
english -easy-fill in blanks with artical,s proper word -around 10 question,2 passege(one is easy).
Resoning --ok